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Mental Health Support

The community and government of Grande Prairie recognize the various mental health issues and struggles any Grande Prairie residents may face because of issues such as trauma, substance abuse, domestic violence, and more. Here is a list of organizations to help with any mental needs you may have.

Addiction & Mental Health - Adult and Youth Intake

Within Grande Prairie, Addiction and Mental Health services are available to individuals of any age dealing with symptoms of mental illness or having issues with substance use.


Healthcare providers and counsellors help clients generate achievable goals for change, treatment, and stabilization. Parental involvement is expected for youth under, but is assessed on a case to case basis.

Grande Prairie Aberdeen Centre
Suite 300
9728 101 Avenue
Grande Prairie, Alberta
T8V 5B6


Front Desk: 780-833-4323 

24-Hour Helpline: 1-877-303-2642


Odyssey House - Community Support Program

Through this program, Odyssey House aims to provide support, tools, and encouragement to women in difficult situations, on the path to rebuilding their lives. 


Outreach staff are available for one-on-one meetings both in office or in the community. They can help with: understanding healthy relationships, safety planning, parenting struggles, boundary setting, addictions, legal issues, financial independence, self-care and assertiveness. Other services:

  • Support groups

  • Emergency shelter

  • Childcare support


Office: 780-538-1332
24 Hour Emergency: 780-532-2672

Visit their website here


Grande Prairie Friendship Centre - Pikiskwetan Program

The Pikiskwetan Program is a free and virtual mental health program for youths 16+ as well as adults. This program focuses on managing low mood levels, anxiety, stress or any difficult feelings one may be struggling with. The Mental Health Navigators offer a judgment-free space for individuals to express what they are currently experiencing. 


To register, click here

From there, one of our Mental Health Navigators will be contacting you within 24 hours.


For more information, contact the Pikiskwetan Program Coordinator Shane Anderson:

Screenshot 2022-06-29 170543_edited.jpg

Resource Centre for Grande Prairie Counselling Services

View a list of counselling services here

Screenshot 2022-06-29 153551.png

Canadian Mental Health Association AB NW Region

As one of the oldest voluntary organizations in Canada, we advocate, educate, research and service in order to promote the mental health of everyone while supporting those who are experiencing mental illness.

CMHA provides a variety of diverse and innovative services to those experiencing mental illness, as well as the family members of those with mental illness. The services we offer are tailored according to what it is that each community requires and the resources that are available.

directly servicing Grande Prairie and the surrounding areas since 1995. We strive to support individuals with mental health issues develop the personal tools they need to lead productive and meaningful lives.


Willow Place

9713 100 Ave

Grande Prairie, Alberta

T8V 0T5


Main Office: 780-814-2349


Visit their website here


PACE - Community Support, Sexual Assault and Trauma Centre

The Pace Centre provides essential community training, as well as sexual assault and trauma services. The Centre enables those dealing with sexual assault, abuse, crisis or trauma to access skilled, caring and professional supports and services. Services include:

  • Family Support and Guidance

  • Sexual Violence Treatment Program

  •  Intergenerational Healing Program: A Trauma Informed Approach to Parenting

Visit their website here

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